Jessica (woahitsjess) wrote in gapgurlies,

I have some questions...

...for those of you who work at GAP:

I have worked at some stores that are pretty intent on pushing pushing PUSHING products and credit cards, and I always got death stares. Is working at GAP anything like this? What are you expected to do in the store?

Secondly, I travel a lot. How do you go about taking off days of work, and are they really flexible?

I just really want to find a job that I love, and maybe GAP is the way to go! I appreciate your answers in advance!

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In regards to taking days off, it really depends on the store and the management. With some managers, it's really easy to get a week or so off at a time, and take random days off as well, but with others, it depends on how many employees work in the store. If you're a larger store with a ton of employees, most of whom would sell their firstborn for hours, then it's not such a big deal, but if your store is smaller, management might expect you to be there more often. When you're hired, you fill out an availability agreement, and that's what they base your scheduling off of, unless you request off on the calendar or however they keep track. I would definitely bring that up at your interview, though.

Regardless of which store you're in, Gap DOES push the credit card pretty hard. You're supposed to get three "No"s before you stop asking, but I think that's a little excessive. You have to learn the ways to read a customer and sell to their interests, help them sign up for a card they'll actually be able to use instead of just trying to meet a quota. Depending on your store's size and traffic, you'll probably have a weekly and monthly goal that you should try and meet, and a lot of times they'll have prizes or reward points for those who meet or exceed their goals.

I hope this helps. What are you applying for, full-time, part-time or seasonal? I go back and forth between being part-time and seasonal, and I've been with the company for two years and a few months. I'm not planning on keeping this job past Christmas time, just because I really have no room for growth in this job, since I'm not going to be working there after I graduate college in 2009, and I feel like there are other things I should be doing in the summers and such.

If you plan on sticking with the job though, you could easily go from sales associate to a specialist (women's, denim, kids/baby, visuals, etc.) to a key holder to an assistant manager to a head of get the idea. I think even some district and regional managers started out as sales associates. So yeah, go for the job and you'll probably really enjoy it (especially with the discount).

Good luck!
Thank you so much! This was very helpful. I'd apply for part-time, as i'm a full-time student and gradute in 2009 also! I worked at A&F for 2 years and have worked at Express for about 2 weeks now but there's no way I'll be at the job past Thanksgiving. The manager is craaaazy and it's way too stressful there for my taste. Anyway thank you so much and I'm definitely going to keep GAP in mind when looking for a new job.